You Are a Whole Person

March 4, 2020
Erin Braford
Strategy Director
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Self-knowledge is critical to being a better person. No one has ever regretted making more time to be reflective.


There's not just one lifelong job or vocation out there for you.


Knowing the why behind what you value is just as important as naming what they are.


Listed above are just a few major takeaways from our time with Erin Braford on the podcast this week! We talk about everything from productivity and being creative to having a family and running a business. All arrows of this conversation pointed back to one major theme:

You are a whole person.

And when your purpose and identity happen to intersect with your calling and vocation? Then that’s where the real magic happens. As it turns out, you can love your work AND create more impact, freedom & flexibility.


Erin Braford is the Strategy Director for Heart + Matter Brands, a strategic brand identity firm. She has a deep fascination with human beings and how we process the world, and believes that clarifying your purpose allows for the most impact.

Connect with Erin & Heart + Matter on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and their website.

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