We have exciting news!

February 5, 2020
Steve and Tommy
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We have exciting news!

On this week’s shorter episode, Steve and Tommy reflect on the last year of the podcast, and share about some changes you can look forward to next week! Here’s a sneak peak:

  • The Greenhouse Effect is getting a new look! Stay tuned for the unveiling. Think: thumbnail, jingle, content and more! We’re also renaming it The Greenhouse Podcast, that way our listeners can find us more easily.
  • Our co-host, Tommy Thompson, is starting his own podcast! His podcast will feature topics that he’s shared on the show this past year, and will create space to dive more deeply into those topics. He’ll still join us on The Greenhouse Podcast about once a month. 

We’re so excited to share with you these changes, and that you’ve taken time to join us on this journey. As always, your comments and thoughts are appreciated. Please subscribe and share with a friend too!


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