Voice Memos | Turning Thought Into Action

July 8, 2020
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What’s that one thing you want to do, or you’re most excited about, but talk yourself out of it?

Steve solo-hosts the Greenhouse Podcast today to talk about pursuing what’s possible - your next right thing.


What’s that one thing you want to do, or you’re excited about, but you end up talking yourself out of it? Or, maybe you don’t even let yourself think about it?

What would happen if you moved forward with that one thing, without the limitations?

Take the next step. See what’s possible. There’s so much you’re capable of that you’re not tapping into, simply because you don’t believe you can.

It first starts with self-awareness, then taking clear, actionable steps to work into your potential.

We challenge you to do that one thing!

Go, and do. See what happens!

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