The Power of Noticing | How a Small Change Can Make a Big Impact

February 12, 2020
Steve Perkins
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This week on the podcast we're trying a new format! On this episode Steve shares with us a voice memo he recorded a few weeks ago when he had a revelation around the idea of noticing. He discusses how this small change in our mindset can make a big impact on how we see the world around us.

What's something on your calendar right now that you're excited about? For me, I've felt a buzz around Greenhouse - more and more people have reached out directly to us, sharing their stories and experiences. One story in particular stood out to me.

An individual who had just recently moved to the US reached out because they were struggling to find their way here career-wise. (Especially since they are highly educated and need to find a niche for how their skills translate.)

What came out of that conversation was inspiring. Towards the end of the call, they shared:

"I looked at your site, and it was like you were reading my mind! Understanding the intersection of my purpose and potential is important to me."

The simple fact that we helped this person feel understood where they are speaks volumes to me. Not to mention that we actually have tools to help them with this moving forward.

Oftentimes, we miss things because we don’t notice them. We’re so eager to move forward and do all the things that we often miss what’s right in front of us.  What we’re missing are actually the tangible steps to moving forward with what matters.

Take a listen to the episode to hear all of Steve's thoughts about noticing!

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