Special Guest | The Importance of Building Emotional Connection

May 13, 2020
Kenny Morgan
Co-Founder and CCO
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Life. Leadership. Business. Growth.

Today on the podcast, Steve and special guest Kenny Morgan of Counsel Creative talk about it all when it comes to creativity in business: everything from "imposter syndrome" and navigating what it means to do what you love even when you're not "the expert", how creativity is so valuable in the workplace, and the emphasis on being a constant learner whether in business or in personal life.

Kenny Morgan is the Co-Founder and CCO of Counsel Creative, a branding, web-development and video production company based out of Chattanooga, TN. As a business owner, Kenny has found that taking ownership of your business niche is key. In that, he has learned that emotional connection is most important for brands to consider.

In their conversation, Kenny shares with us the 5 ways to build emotional connection as a brand, and why each are important. Kenny says that emotional connection is “...the DNA that should run through everything that you do." We couldn't agree more! The 5 steps he shares are:

  1. Perception
  2. Presence
  3. Visibility
  4. Voice
  5. Connection

We had a blast getting to know Kenny and learning more about this side of creativity and can't wait for you to hear this jam-packed episode! Want to learn more about Kenny and Counsel Creative? Check out the links below.


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