Special Guest | 3 Key Areas of Learning & Development

April 8, 2020
Lauren Sweeney
Founder & CEO
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Leadership is a journey, and to grow as a leader Lauren Sweeney, Founder & CEO of Dotted Line Agency, has learned that there are three key areas to focus on.

Lauren joined Steve on the podcast today for an in-depth conversation to talk about what it means to live purpose driven versus goals driven. We think that every leader, or aspiring leader, should pay attention here!


Lauren shares with us her 3 Key Areas of Learning and Development:

1.    Manage stressors and distractions

2.    Set an intention at the start of the day

3.    Set aside time to do big picture visioning


Whether you own a business, would like to, or are simply interested in professional growth – leaning into your potential is crucial to success. Lauren shares important insights about this from her professional experience, as well as family lessons that have impacted her along the way.

Lauren leaves us with a one action step to get you moving in the right direction: set aside 10-15 minutes to reflect every day on a few thoughts - something you’ve learned today, something you feel grateful for, or a dream you had. Starting here puts small habits in place that you can build on over time.


About Lauren:

Lauren Sweeney is Founder andCEO of Dotted Line, a creative marketing company. Lauren launched Dotted Line in 2013, and since then the firm has grown into a full-service agency serving 50+clients at a national scale. Lauren has been recognized as a 2017 Tory BurchFoundation Fellow with global fashion powerhouse, Tory Burch. Lauren serves on the boards for the National Association of Women Business Owners, Children’sHospital of Richmond, and the Junior League of Richmond.

Lauren is a proud wife of a fellow entrepreneur, a stepmother of a towering teenage boy, and a new mom to a 1-year old. The Sweeney family is actively involved at Hope Church inRichmond, Virginia.  They enjoy outdoor activities and traveling. Recent adventures have taken them hiking in Utah, exploring the Holy Land in Israel, or traveling to Iceland.

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