Setting Up Systems for Success

February 26, 2020
Mark O'Donnell
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97% of strategic planning in businesses go unimplemented.

The reason for this? There are no real, clear systems in place to make this a reality.

Today, Mark O’Donnell, Author and Coach at Optimize for Growth, talked with Steve about helping business leaders and entrepreneurs do what they love and how make time for what they really want.

To do what you love well? You need systems.

Mark talks through the four freedoms, specifically for entrepreneurs and business leaders (but, could also apply to individuals too!):

  1. Relationships - who do you want to spend time with?
  2. Purpose - what do you want to be doing?
  3. Time - how do you want to spend your time?
  4. Money - what resources do you need to make it happen?

Greenhouse tip: Using the four freedoms, jot down some initial ideas that come to mind. What do you notice? Are there systems in your life to help you with this? If not, do you need to make changes to implement new systems?

Mark O’Donnell is an entrepreneur, high growth strategist, and Certified EOS® Implementer. His passion is putting into motion innovative ideas with concrete strategies and plans, quickly removing obstacles and barriers, influencing and inspiring human achievement through the creation of goals in order to create action and forward movement to start working towards a bigger and better future.

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