Nona Jones - Author of Success from the Inside Out

December 4, 2019
Nona Jones
Founder of Nona Jones Ministries and Head of Global Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook
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Today on the podcast, we’re thrilled to share with you Steve’s conversation with Nona Jones. They talk about everything from fashion (apparently that’s becoming a thing with our guests!) and work/life balance to success and resiliency. Nona is so authentic here, and we really enjoyed our time with her. 


Nona Jones is a nationally renowned speaker, slated to release her memoir Success from the Inside Out this January. She has become a recognized voice of hope, healing and inspiration, equipping women and girls around the world to rise from their past pain into a fulfilling future through faith. Nona has been profiled by ESSENCE Magazine as an “Under 40 Woman to Watch,” and currently serves as Head of Global Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook. 


Episode Links:

Nona’s website

Nona’s memoir (releasing January, 2020!) - Success from the Inside Out 

Book recommendation: Man’s Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl


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