Lightbulb Moments | Stacy Wood

April 21, 2020
Stacy Wood
Founder and Intentional Success Consultant
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The Greenhouse Method: “A string of lightbulb moments to figure out the next right thing.”
The second episode in an all new series for The Greenhouse Podcast: real people with real stories of their experience with the Greenhouse Method.


Today Steve interviews Stacy Wood, and she shares her story while using the Greenhouse Method. Stacy struggled with what we call #impostersyndrome: asking questions like, “Who am I to be going after this career shift? What do I even have to offer in this industry?”


Stacy is a great example of when you discover your unique value, and test and learn - over and over again, you’ll be able to work in your highest potential.


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About Stacy: Helping professionals create intentional success in their lives through impactful communications and focused women's leadership development. Stacy relies on science, nature, powerful communication skills and personal truth seeking to guide her clients along the journey of clarity and intentional success.
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