Lightbulb Moments | Johanna Stamps

April 23, 2020
Johanna Stamps
Life Coach
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The Greenhouse Method: “A string of lightbulb moments to figure out the next right thing.”

The third episode in an all new series for The Greenhouse Podcast: real people with real stories of their experience with the Greenhouse Method.

Today Steve interviews Johanna Stamps, and she shares her story while using the Greenhouse Method. Johanna is a great example of what it means to live into her life and career potential as a whole person.

Using the Greenhouse Method, Johanna used her strengths to become an entrepreneur while also being a mom and a creative. All three, incredibly important to her to balance and maintain well.


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About Johanna:

Johanna is not just any life coach.  Because of her adventures and taking bold leaps she is able to offer a unique experience for each of her clients.  

Whether it was growing her career as an executive in New York or the on-a-whim move to Africa - it was a deepening in her faith that has helped her to take increasingly bold steps in her own life.  

Since returning back to the US she realized how her story had the power to impact others as a message of hope.  For years Johanna had been on the receiving end of incredible coaching and she knew now was the time to serve others. Over the last year, Johanna’s practice has taken off both in the US and Africa working with non profit executives, tech entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs and many more.  

During her 10 years in Africa she had the opportunity to mentor and consult with business leaders and entrepreneurs - even publishing a book about the transformational work of the largest beauty franchise business in Africa.  This experience solidified the desire to draw on her experiences and expertise to impact lives through on-on-one coaching.

If you’ve always had the feeling that you were meant for something more but you had no idea where to start, Johanna offers insightful coaching that will help you take your next step.

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