Lightbulb Moments | Andy Berry

April 30, 2020
Andy Berry
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The Greenhouse Method: “A string of lightbulb moments to figure out the next right thing.”

The final episode in an all new series for The Greenhouse Podcast: real people with real stories of their experience with the Greenhouse Method.

Today Steve interviews Andy Berry, who shares his story while using the Greenhouse Method. If you’ve ever felt like you needed to “bloom where you are planted,” then you will resonate with Andy’s story, because he discovered something unique while going through our process.

Andy realized that he is meant to come alive exactly where he is; he didn’t need to make a career shift, but rather, lean in and focus his gifts where he is already most passionate.


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Awakening Wonder at Home Resources as shared on the podcast:

Several doors in my house are “secret passage ways.” To open the attic door for instance, you must turn the doorknob back and forth three times before entering. Never miss a chance to turn a door, walking path, or hallway into a secret passage. Tip toe through the door for added fun.

Our Amazon Echo Dot is paired with the Alexa app. In the app, you can create a routine based on voice commands. Each night at bedtime, when my 4-year-old uses the voice command, "Alexa, Goodnight,” Alexa tells him what she hopes he dreams about. I change this every day, often to something that references what we did that day. My son has now begun asking for that “dream idea” to be his bedtime story. Often times it’s something like, “I hope you have a dream about a giant ice cream cone that is 18 feet tall” or “I hope you have a dream about a purple cow jumping on the trampoline.”

We play a lot of dress up. A lot. Super heroes, Star Wars, astronauts, robots. As costumes can sometimes be expensive, we use household items like colanders, cardboard and spatulas.

We make a lot of homemade burritos. Not the kind you eat, but the pretend kind made out of blankets and our kids. We lay a blanket on the floor, then the kids lay on the blanket. We use stuffed animals and pillows as toppings, then roll the kids up. For a double-stuffed burrito, we roll both our kids at the same time!

During quarantine, we have begun making homemade board games out of poster board, stickers and markers. We’ll take a $1 sheet of stickers and make it the theme. Avengers, Frozen, Star Wars, etc. These board games are simple. Roll the dice, move forwards or backwards depending on what square you land on. We’ll use the stickers to create prompts like, “if you land on this Chewbacca sticker, you have to talk like a Wookie for 10 seconds.”  

It cannot be said enough, read to your kids. And do the voices!

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