Greenhouse Coffee Chats | 5 Ways to Prioritize Your Week

February 21, 2020
Steve and Tyler
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"... I'm fearful of the workload I'm giving myself without a clear workflow." - Greenhouse client Matthew brought this question to Steve a year ago, which fueled today's conversation:

How do you prioritize your week when everything feels important?

Steve and Tyler Herrinton, Greenhouse's Media Director, talk today about 5 Ways to Prioritize Your Week over coffee on today's podcast.

Prioritizing is for everyone! Going through these five steps will help you become aware of where your focus should lie.

  1. Have a weekly rhythm
  2. Set your most important priority first
  3. Think about what’s most important
  4. Think about what’s most urgent
  5. Actually do your most important priority first thing on Monday (or whatever day of the week is your “Monday.”)

Tune in for details on how to live these steps out well!

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How to Navigate Urgent vs. Important – podcast episode with Steve and Tommy

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