Coffee Chats | The Winding Journey

June 10, 2020
Tommy Thompson
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Here's an episode where Tommy Thompson and Steve talk about the winding journey - life - and the ups, down, twists and turns it makes.

Life has places for us to experience joy even in the midst of difficult times.

During their thoughtful conversation, Tommy shares four key affirmations to keep in mind; a quick guide to help you navigate life at your best:

  1. Reframe life's journey
  2. Embrace your present place
  3. Pay attention to "the people in the car"
  4. Know that the best is yet to come

And lastly, a practical step for you to put these affirmations into action. Tommy shares that we may simply, stop and pause; asking ourselves: Are you treating your experience as a means to an end? When you call out, and name your experience, you're actively bringing to the surface what your next right thing needs to be!

Listen in to the podcast for the conversation and details.

“One thing we can do is appreciate and particularly embrace our current, present place in the journey . . . I’m not going to look forward to when this present stage is no longer present” - Tommy


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