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March 11, 2020
Jacquelyn Duggan
Experience Manager
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A few weeks ago, the Greenhouse Team had a chance to meet Bob Goff at a workshop here in Richmond, VA.


Unfamiliar with Bob? His team shares this about him:

“Bob calls himself a "recovering lawyer" because after practicing law for 25 years, then becoming the Hon. Consul to Uganda, he gave up his law firm to pursue writing and speaking full time ... Bob has inspired millions to dream big and make life more awesome. He is driven by a desire to help others unlock their potential to love and be loved greater.”


Needless to say, we had a blast at the workshop, and learned so many new ideas and nuggets of wisdom. Literally, we all took pages of notes - it was so good! 


So this week, we decided to dedicate a whole podcast episode to it: where Steve and Greenhouse team member, Jacquelyn debrief a few major takeaways from the workshop:

  • When you have clarity of what you want, you’ll start finding what you’re looking for.
  • Live a life of wonder.
  • Be available to others.


This is a fun one! We think you’ll enjoy it too.


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