Coffee Chats | Driving Your Colleagues Crazy with Communication

June 3, 2020
Steve and Sundie
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Everyone has a different communication style. Do you know yours? Do you know your colleagues'?

Steve and Sundie are back today to talk about how miscommunication amongst working teams can not only drive you crazy, but disrupt essential productivity. They share three tips you can apply to notice, impact and change how you lead and work together:

  1. Ask: How do you process? It's important to not only ask others, but to be self-aware as well. Are you introverted? Extroverted? Think of all the ways you need to examine and communicate information.
  2. Ask your team: How do you communicate your ideas? It's important to know too, how your team as a whole communicates ideas - there is often great opportunities to increase group awareness so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
  3. Begin with just a small group of people. Rome wasn't built in a day! Start small and take daily steps to notice what you and your team needs.

By being self-aware and learning to adjust will change how you and your team communicates!

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