Coffee Chats | A Simple Guide to Giving Feedback

July 29, 2020
Steve and Sundie
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What if "getting feedback" was a good thing?

Today, Steve and Sundie explore how to give feedback in the workplace, and what we need to do to make it a constructive experience for everyone!

Feedback should be something everyone looks forward to! Is that possible? It is, and it’s true in many organizations that consistently execute on the steps below. It’s true because people in great organizations typically want to get better and do great work. Thus, if there’s a healthy feedback culture, then giving and receiving meaningful feedback is a chance to fulfill that desire.

There are three key steps to giving feedback:

Normalize it: Have a weekly cadence with individuals, with the sole intention and agenda item of sharing feedback with each other. It goes both ways. But you share first, to lead and to set the tone, and to give them permission to share feedback with you. (and be sure to thank them for the feedback!)

Have a rhythm: set it up on the calendar! Then use a simple framework and make it clear how it will work. A great example is: "what worked, what didn’t."

Have a conversation: invite feedback, especially soon after an important event/engagement. Details are still fresh. People will be processing how it went anyway. And negative feedback is much easier to accept and apply sooner rather than later.

Questions for self-reflection:
- What’s your mindset around feedback?
- What do you need to do next?
- How can you get the feedback flowing both ways?


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