Coffee Chats | 6 Tips for Working from Home

April 28, 2020
Steve and Sundie
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Today we’re sharing our experience of working from home in this season, and some tips we’ve discovered to help navigate it amongst new working, community and family rhythms. 

We’re leading this episode with the caveat: we don’t want to be another voice in the noise. However, we’re coaches, and we’re processing this with many of our clients. So we want to share a little truth with you: have grace,  be flexible and try different things. It’s okay to listen, take ideas in and leave the rest; leave the comparison and need to do it all behind.

Sundie’s Six Tips for Working from Home

Sundie has curated six tips for working from home; some of these tips are ones she has discovered, and others were created by our team and families. Remember, take some, and leave the rest!

  1. Find a physical space that works for you. Be flexible! Make your own space away from everyone and everything else, or move around during the day. 
  2. Get comfortable with Zoom. This is an amazing platform that allows you to connect with your colleagues and communities.
  3. Have a routine. Have rituals and transitions that help you navigate your days.
  4. Be social. Talk to someone; it matters for both you and them.
  5. Move your body. We are moving less right now! Make time and space to stretch, walk and exercise during the day.
  6. Be gentle with yourself; there’s room for more than one emotion. You’re allowed to feel everything that you’re feeling right now.


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