Coffee Chats | 5 Ways to Take Good Care

April 1, 2020
Tommy Thompson
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It's no secret: our day to day lives have changed in some shape or form, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And there's a massive range of how people are experiencing this!

So today, Steve and Tommy gather together (via Zoom!) to discuss 5 Ways to Take Good Care during this time:

1. Resist Fear: name your stress, fear and anxiety.

2. Slow Down: speed comes from the inside.

3. Reframe the Narrative: our posture here matters.

4. "Touch" - when you can't touch: there's new opportunities to reach out.

5. Give Generously: a new way to thrive.

If you're wondering how to navigate your new normal - you'll want to tune in to this episode for a few thought-provoking and practical tips on how to hold this season with realistic expectations and hope.


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