Coffee Chats | 5 Tips for Job Searching

April 17, 2020
Steve and Sundie
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Many of us our finding that we need to reinvent ourselves right now.

We can’t do things exactly as we did them before.

We’re also in a season where our friends, family members or people in our community are being laid off, furloughed, or at a standstill in business.


Whichever situation you may find yourself in, you may be wondering how to use this time well and move forward in a positive direction – specifically when it comes to preparing for a change in job or career direction.


Today Sundie and Steve gather together over Zoom to talk about 5 Tips for Job Searching.

Their number #1 tip? Have the mindset: don’t procrastinate! Break down the job search process into small steps, and take the time to make your tools (resume, LinkedIn, etc.) really great. Take this time we have right now to prepare!




Sundie’s 5 Tips for Job Searching:


1.    Build a great resume. A couple things to keep in mind:

a.    Your resume should be less than two pages – even if you have a lot of experience.

b.    Utilize a summary section to tell recruiters o rhiring managers what kind of person you are

c.    You can buy really nice templates on Etsy! Don’t reinvent the wheel.

2.    Make a LinkedIn profile95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to compare you to your resume and to other candidates.

a.    Have a fantastic headline – it shouldn’t be your job title. Make it your personal branding statement or in other words, your work bucket: Generalist, Culturalist, HR, etc.

b.    Have a great headshot!

3.    Network – A couple things to keep in mind:

a.    Get out there! Make time on your calendar to connect with people you’re interested in talking to.

b.    Be a great listener to whomever you talk with, and be a solution to their problem

4.    Be ready for the question: “Tell me about yourself” – this is your opportunity to shine!

a.    Here’s what they’re actually asking: “Tell me about yourself relative to this conversation/this company/yourself professionally.”It’s a snapshot.

b.    Answer the “what” you’re seeking to do and “why”you’re seeking to do it.

5.    Be interview ready - Get comfortable with interviewing by:

a.    Research good questions to be asked and to ask in the interview

b.    Schedule a mock interview with a friend or a colleague




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