Coffee Chats | Part 1: 5 Tips for Better Communication

June 24, 2020
Steve and Sundie
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Does your team have good communication norms?

Steve and Sundie are back today with 5 tips for better communication with your team!

There are two key things to keep in mind when it comes to achieving great team communication: norms and personality types.

  1. Norms are the agreed upon behaviors that allow the team to increase their performance together, to have healthy debate, and to really have clarity around their purpose and individual roles.
  2. It’s also important to value how another person processes, their communication style and how they get the job done. Frustration may occur when you are working with a team, or individually and there is communication confusion: based on expectations and personality types.

The 5 Norms Every Team Should Have:

  1. Name the Meeting Mode
  2. Establish Channels of communication
  3. Play the Gut Card
  4. Use Code Words
  5. "I'm Stuck!"

Listen in for details on all 5 tips and why they matter for your team!


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