The Greenhouse Effect

This is a podcast for people who want a fulfilling and impactful life.

If you’re feeling stuck. Like you have more to give. Like there’s untapped potential… Greenhouse Effect is here to help you create the best environment possible to succeed in your life, career, and relationships. Like a greenhouse for your potential.

With decades of leadership, entrepreneurship, and executive coaching experience, Steve and Tommy provide expert strategies and interviews for you to get intentional about life and where you want to be.

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Carey Nieuwhof – From Burnout to Thriving

What do you do if you’re experiencing burnout, or if you feel it coming?  Author, speaker, and podcast host, Carey Nieuwhof, shares how he hit rock-bottom burnout, and how to take an honest look at yourself so you can practically deal with the burnout you’re experiencing or avoid it altogether. Carey also discusses the concept …

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What’s the best way to accomplish larger changes in personal life and organizational life? Tommy and Steve share a 3-step process to make daunting changes more clear and easy to tackle. Book Recommendation: ‘The Common Rule’ by Justin Earley

Jennifer McClure, DisruptHR Co-Founder – Communicate Your Personal Brand

Know your unique value and how to communicate that brand. Understand where you do your best work, so you can position yourself for impact and satisfaction. And so you can manage your career more intentionally. Jennifer was a millennial before millennials were even around – seeking meaningful work and to make a positive impact in …

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Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Co-Founder – Writing a Vision of Greatness

Many leaders who build something as successful as Zingerman’s end up trapped in a life that serves their work. Ari has built a famous business while still maintaining the customer experience and the life he really wants. And it was possible because he wrote a vision on paper. Along with his partner Paul Saginaw, Ari …

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Steve’s Story

The struggle to find his calling, and the career path that resulted in leaving his job to start his dream business. Steve discusses his journey of self-discovery and no-regrets living. Developing Your Whole Life Map:  building the life & career you really want Book recommendation:  Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller Overwhelmed with everything on …

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Matthew Nutt – Achieving through Margin and Grace

Keeping up with growth requires space. Matthew Nutt, client development executive at Flywheel Brands, discusses what it takes to cultivate a culture of high-performance in his life and company. Topics covered include: Company/Team culture of margin How to increase productivity & creative output Having grace toward yourself Free Workshop:  building the life & career you …

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Tommy’s Story

Experiences from life that shaped who he is today. Tommy shares about going from no ambition to full of passion to help people, running multiple companies while raising kids, searing loss and devastation, and what it clarified about what’s at stake in our personal growth. Book Recommendation: Margin by Richard Swenson. Available in audio or …

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