Developing Your Whole Life Map

Discover your unique abilities. Get systems in place to automate success. Clarify direction for what’s next in your life.

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What’s in the course:

Module 1: Introducing Your Whole Life Map

What are the 8 key categories of life and how to address each.


Module 2: Your Guiding Principles

Hone in on the things that are most important to you, so you can live with greater confidence and more easily make decisions – both big and small.

Module 3: Finding Your Rhythm​

Once you’re clear on your abilities, desires, and the impact you’re wired to make, the right rhythm of daily/weekly life is what enables you to consistently live them out.

Module 4: Your New Goal Setting Blueprint

Adopt a new framework to make goal-setting much simpler, and a better mindset to realize goals like the pros.

Module 5: Your Critical Life Systems

“Losers have goals, winners have systems”. Systems take all the stuff you’re excited about from the previous modules, and brings it to life. And the irony is, systems bring freedom. They make sure the important stuff happens, so you can be in the moment and stop negotiating with yourself every day about what needs to be done.

Module 6: Living Your Map

Everything you need to use your new map, and live your full potential.


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