free LIVE workshop Sept 28th

Land Your Ideal Job
(in half the time)

Learn the #1 KEY strategy to get unstuck in your job-search, and step into what's next with clarity & confidence.

Know what you want

Know where to focus

Know how to stand out

in this LIVE workshop YOU WILL...

Learn the 6 key tools to make your job-search a success (and have the first tool complete).

  • Find out if there's something you're missing - it could just be one small thing!
  • Clarify what you want & how to talk about yourself, so you can stand out
  • Figure out where to start, so you can speed up the process and avoid the common mistakes
  • Walk away with your next steps to make your job-search a success

This is a must attend if...

You’re feeling STUCK in your career or job-search. You need something new, but not just anything - you want something MEANINGFUL that uses what you're good at.
Your desire to CHANGE CAREERS is stuck because you have no idea what you want to be when you grow up. You could really use some guidance and feedback.
You want to KNOW what is going to ACTUALLY work, instead of following a bunch of steps and advice that seem like a waste of time. You need clarity and a plan.
You're considering a career change because you want greater EVERYDAY FULFILLMENT, and you'd like to more money too!
Maybe you've lost your job or you're in the midst of major changes. You wonder if NOW IS THE TIME to start something new.
Save My Seat
Workshop Coaches: Steve & Sundie

We understand the frustration of being stuck in a career that's unfulfilling, and the overwhelm of looking for what's next.

The last thing you want is to still be stuck months from now, or waste more years doing something you don't love.

We've both been there ourselves, and after discovering our unique abilities and stepping into our dream jobs, we now help others do the same.

After 20+ years coaching and helping over ten thousand people through career transition, we've boiled the job-search down to the few key steps that matter most.

We know what it takes to help you find your career sweet-spot. And more than that, gain the clarity and confidence to land your next thing, look forward to Mondays, and grow into your purpose and potential.
Nathan Mills
"I was working what felt like a dead-end job and had practically given up on any better options. Meeting with Sundie gave me the skills and courage I needed to pursue and land my dream job."
Tom Barila
"I was wrestling with what’s next - forced into a career transition and thinking about how to use my skills and experiences doing something I love. Steve helped me clarify my next steps and I made the right shift."
Shannon Daly
“I am happy to announce that I just landed the Product Manager job I wanted! I really couldn't have done this without Greenhouse. I got the push I needed, worked through my future, and eventually the networking panned out. I cannot thank you enough.”
"Every person deserves a career that aligns with their heart and their passion. I hope you'll join us for this next workshop to go from dreading Mondays to waking up each day motivated and fulfilled in your career."
Steve Perkins
Founder of Greenhouse