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How To Get Important Stuff Done

Two of the books I highly recommend are Essentialism and Deep Work. Essentialism is about doing less, but doing it better; about prioritizing the significant stuff over the urgent stuff, and giving it space for focus. Similarily, Deep Work is all about creating big spaces of uninterrupted time to do your best work; it encourages getting in a state of flow to tackle things requiring thought and creativity.

You may think you’re too busy – join the club. We rarely stop and think about how to make or prioritize time. However, even my clients with the most hectic schedules have figured out a way. The key to finding your way is getting creative and figuring out what works for YOU.

With clients, I call this “your current”.

You can copy everyone else, but you’ll likely be swimming against your current. Figure out which way your current flows, turn, and swim with it – it will 10x your progress!

Here’s an example: for me, some of my best ideas and ah-ha moments happen when I’m physically moving. Specifically, in the shower and while I’m driving. Analyze it all you want, but it’s just true. It’s part of my Sweetspot! Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve also started leveraging the power of it! I actually plan to do my thinking work during those times. I schedule it in, just like a meeting or a time block to respond to emails. If I have something that requires deeper thought, I’ll plan to do it during a drive that already needs to happen, or sometimes I’ll take a walk to think. Other times, I’ll actually take a topic and think through it in the shower.

HOLD UP! I caught you! You started to think about doing the same thing as me – didn’t you? Just kidding – that might be a good idea for you to try, but make sure you figure out what works for YOU.

Another key factor when figuring out your way, your current, is determining what time of day is most likely to be uninterrupted. Since we like talking about life planning and life purpose at Greenhouse, it’s worth being strategic to find the right time to focus and think…and do it well and purposefully. I mean, we readily get strategic about when to get to the store or do a chore. Why not something eternally significant? And if we don’t, then any extra space quickly gets filled up with checking our phones!

What works for YOU? Is it early in the morning before existing plans and worries start occupying your mental space, and before the world starts spinning up requests for you? Is it at a specific location? Or is it a specific day of the week?

And what is a place that is mentally stimulating for you? Where you are relaxed and less distracted?

Think about it…

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