Find Your Life Purpose – Part 1 – The ‘WHAT’

I’m going to share a secret with you.

It’s not a new idea. But it’s a very misunderstood one.

And I’d like to wipe the smudges off, and clear things up.

It’s hidden in plain sight. And the reason it’s a secret is because each generation reacts to the previous. Swinging the pendulum to the other extreme end of the spectrum.

The secret is this: you have gifts. And they are one of the primary keys to fulfillment, success, happiness, purpose, [insert your favorite lingo here].

Your gifts are not ‘unique’ per-se. But yet, they are. YOU are unique. And not in the entitled millennial the-world-owes-me kind of way.

Now, here’s the other pendulum swing. The truth is also NOT that you need to just work hard, accept the way it is, and grind it out for a few decades, while feverishly trying to store away nest eggs like a squirrel in late fall, so that one glorious day, when you’re too tired & frail to enjoy said nest egg, you can pass it on to the next generation… to do the same thing again.

Feelin’ me?

It’s about truth. And I know truth is not fashionable these days. However, who’s to say that’s true?

The truth is, you have been endowed with unique talents, natural abilities, and gifts that, combined with the combo of personality and experiences that ONLY YOU have, creates the perfect storm for meaningful impact that ONLY YOU can make in the world.

People may define it as “big” or “small”, but your impact is most definitely significant. I promise you.

So… what are you passionate about? What do others say you’re good at? What activities tend to just ‘flow’ for you?

Leave a comment – I’d love to hear! And everyone else who reads it will get courage. Cheers.

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