What's next in your

Get the process that helps you figure it all out.

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Tell me more about the Greenhouse Method

It's possible to know the right next step for your life.

  • Jump out of bed excited about your work on Mondays?
  • Do everyday what's at the intersection of your purpose and potential?  
  • Have clarity on creating priorities that are the best use of your time and talent?
  • Operate with rhythms that create ongoing success in your goals and progress aligned to the life you want?
  • Start your dream business with greater freedom, flexibility, and reward in your work?
Is this really all there is?
  • Every morning you drag yourself out of bed dreading going to your job.
  • You feel like you just don't fit your role. You're under-challenged, looking for what would fit your gifts and abilities.
  • Your to-do list is never-ending and uninspiring. You feel overwhelmed and unclear how to make meaningful impact.
  • You've read all the books. Listened to all the podcasts. Know your personality type. Yet still fuzzy on how to take action.
  • You feel stuck in a job that's limiting to the life you want to live, leaving you feel unsatisfied and unrewarded.

76% of Americans have 'Sunday night blues' about Mondays.

We want you to know that you're not alone. It's time to break free and discover more fulfillment in your everyday. You have more to offer, and Greenhouse is here to help.

What is the Greenhouse Method?


The Greenhouse Method is a proven process to clarify your unique purpose and potential, so you can:

- Figure out what's next in your career.
- Start your dream business.
- Or level-up into more of your potential every day.

Inside the Greenhouse Method membership, you'll be guided through the three steps of the process, along with coaching, deep dives, and community:

1) Make space to gain clarity.
2) Figure out your unique purpose and abilities.
3) Establish habits to move into what's next and operate in your sweet spot every day.

Since most people are only operating at a fraction of who they are and what they're capable of, the Method is designed as a repeatable system that applies to goals in every area of your life.

Not only will you clarify your sweet spot, but you'll also develop a written purpose, vision, and goals for all areas of your life with key rhythms to grow in that direction.

What you get with the Greenhouse Method:

Mobile App
You'll be able to access all the content and community via computer or phone.
Digital Course
Learn the Greenhouse Method, a weekly framework to design the life you truly want to live.  

View Full Course Curriculum
Field Guide & Journal
Work through the course exercises and track your progress.
Private & Safe Community
Our community has its own private platform that is exclusive to Greenhouse Members.
Live Video Coaching
Each month, we host live group coaching calls to practice the exercises in the GH method, dive deep on topics, and keep you making progress.
Access to New Content
We are continually creating new content for our Members. You will have access to new content as long as you are a Member.
Challenges & Events
Weekly challenges, topics, and group chats to help you level-up in your life, career, leadership, or business.
Guided Peer Coaching
Do the GH Method with a friend or connect with someone else in our community. We'll give you the prompts to propel each other toward success.
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Course Curriculum

Make Space
(to get unstuck)

Take inventory of all the things filling your time

How to prioritize what's important and make space for figuring out what's next

Remove some things from your plate to make room for self-awareness and change

Discover Your Purpose
(to clarify what's next)

Answer the age-old question of "What you should do when you grow up!"

Determine the best setting for your future success

2.3 - YOUR WHY
Identify the mission you're on in life, and write a purpose statement to guide your next steps

Unearth Your Potential
(to make goals reality)

How to create a clear vision for where you want to be

How to ensure you take steps toward your vision everyday

3.3 - RYTHMS
How to create a strategy that guarantees you'll clarify what's next and make it a reality

Everything you need to make a change with confidence and clarity

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Why join a community?

Behind every successful person, there's always a great support network.

Unfortunately many people don't have anyone around them who supports their desire for personal growth. This is a formula for discouragement and loneliness.

Thankfully, we have the tools to help you stay connected to a community that's all about supporting your success.

You'll join a group that's not afraid to focus on what they love, continually step out into the unknown, and dare to live a life of purpose and intentionality.

Come join our tribe!
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What people are saying:

“I am happy to announce that I just landed the Product Manager job I wanted! I really couldn't have done this without the Greenhouse Method. I got the push I needed, worked through my future, and eventually the networking panned out. I cannot thank you enough.”
Product Manager
“I was in a career transition and unsure of my path.  I engaged the Greenhouse Method at a few different points - the first time getting clear on my unique strengths and work environment desires, which quickly led to landing a new job I was excited about.  I later re-engaged the Method and realized I wanted to start my own business.  I know that my work with the Method will help me successfully navigate what comes next."
Founder & CMO
“I entered into this out of desperation and not really knowing what to expect. I thought it might be a waste of time and possibly leave me even more confused. However, that is so not the case, and I was able to move out of this static/stuck place I’ve been in for quite a while. I know who I am now, and what I want to do.”
Freelance Graphic Designer

How's it work?

1. Learn the Method
When you signup you'll gain access to all the method content to learn at your own pace.
2. Live the Method
In the Greenhouse Community we'll provide ongoing group challenges, trainings, coaching, community, and inspiration.
3. Repeat the Method
This method is not a static one-and-done system. You'll continue to apply its principles to propel new and greater growth.


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Greenhouse Method Course
Field Guide for Course
Membership Community
Live Group Video Coaching
Journal not included. Preorder journal separately here.
*3 month one-on-one coaching packages available starting at $2100

6 Months


Greenhouse Method Course
Field Guide for Course
Membership Community
Live Group Video Coaching
Greenhouse Journal for Weekly Planning & Reflection in the Method
*3 month one-on-one coaching packages available starting at $2100
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Greenhouse Method Course
Field Guide for Course
Membership Community
Live Group Video Coaching
2 Greenhouse Journals for Weekly Planning & Reflection in the Method
2 One on One Coaching Calls to Jumpstart Progress and Provide Accountability ($600 value)
*3 month one-on-one coaching packages available starting at $2100

Method Journal

While the Field Guide is the place to work through the exercises for each module of the Greenhouse Method, the Journal is for weekly planning and reflection. In the Method course, you will learn how to prioritize each week to move toward your vision, and live in your full potential.
Imagine what's possible if you started living a life that's in line with
who you're meant to be and what you were made to do...