Cliff Notes on Life Leadership and Wisdom

Lately, I’ve been fully immersed in building a community where I can share what I’ve learned about clarifying and living in your Sweetspot (very excited to make it available to you all soon!!!), and it hit me the other day…part of MY Sweetspot is curating helpful and inspiring ideas, so others don’t have to read and listen to everything out there and can spend more time in THEIR Sweetspot.

I have more than 100 pages of notes I’ve taken over the past 12 years in my notebook called “Life Leadership and Wisdom” – a form of master cliff notes from some of the best-available content out there, highlighting excerpts from my favorite books, podcasts, talks, sermons, research, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. I’ve experimented with many of these ideas, failed a bunch along the way and thought about and documented my learnings.

I’m always capturing phone-notes on the road (thank you, Evernote!), and trying to get better about using voice-dictation (though it usually gets my mumbling completely wrong). And those who know me know I think a lot – and I’ve always got something to share when the conversation turns to life, leadership, calling, etc. I really enjoy conversations on these topics and often document my notes after these discussions.

The plan all along was to eventually publish a book with the compilation of notes. And at this point, they’re tagged for the situations in which I need to refer to them. It’s helpful to me now, and why not make them useful to others now, too?

So today, I’m launching into something new. I’m going to start sharing from these notes and from my current readings/listenings/conversations as well. I’m not very good at consistent posting, so my goal is one short post per day and at least one blog per week. Please help me stick to it!

Follow Steve Perkins on LinkedIn and GreenhouseCultureCo on Facebook if you want to see the posts, and we’ll also be sharing real-time updates from our startup journey!

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