Land your first paying client with confidence!

30 minutes a day to get unstuck, define what you do, and launch your new business in the people-helping space (coaching, consulting, creative, marketing, etc).

Clarify your direction

Build your confidence

Launch your business

in this FREE 5-day Challenge YOU WILL...
  • Clarify the sweet spot of your offer and your audience
  • Start working a simple plan to find your first paying client
  • Win a free 1-on-1 coaching session (when you complete the challenge)!
  • Utilize your strengths & passions to make a greater impact​​​​​​​
  • Gain ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​confidence in who you are, the value you bring, and your next steps to take

This is a must attend if...

You’re feeling STUCK - not sure what you do and where to focus.
You're struggling to get your new business going because you're not sure the VALUE YOU OFFER and what you want to be when you grow up. Bouncing ideas off someone who's been there would be nice.
You don't stick to your own goals, so you want COACHING and ACCOUNTABILITY to take the steps.
You want to have a business doing what you love, because you want greater FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY, and you'd like to more money doing it!
You're in a transition or already have a business, but you want to be in it with other entrepreneurs!
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YOUR Coaches: Steve & Sundie

We understand the frustration of being stuck and the overwhelm of launching a people-helping business.

The last thing you want is to still be stuck months from now, or waste more years doing something you don't love.

We've both been there ourselves, and after discovering our unique abilities and stepping into our dream careers, we now help others do the same.

After 20+ years coaching and helping over ten thousand people through career transition, we've boiled it all down to the few key steps that matter most.

We know what it takes to help you find your career sweet-spot. And more than that, gain the clarity and confidence to make the impact you're meant for and grow into your purpose and potential.
Johanna Stamps
"Since I’m taking care of my elderly parents and my little boy, I should be exhausted.  Instead, I’m finding I’m more fulfilled, more joyful and learning more each day about how to better serve others. On top of that I’m growing a thriving business and finding new levels of success as an entrepreneur."
Tom Barila
"I was wrestling with what’s next - forced into a career transition and thinking about how to use my skills and experiences doing something I love. Greenhouse helped me clarify my next steps and I made the right shift to start a coaching business, where I'm now gaining new clients."
Nicole Unice
“Steve has ways of creating tools and rhythms and habits that actually maximize your potential and purpose in the world. This is WELL worth the price of admission!”
"Every person deserves a career that aligns with their heart and their passion."
Steve Perkins
Founder of Greenhouse