Fishy Game

Stop to get ahead

This is a problem…I can’t even play a little fishy game with my kid, without getting all “life coach-y” on it…

Life lessons are seriously everywhere. Perhaps you’ve seen this game. We call it “Fishy Game”. It rotates around, and the fish mouths open for a split-second, while kids squeal and parents show their complete incompetence, trying to drop the fishing hook into the mouth before it shuts back up.

“Why you can’t do it daddy? …What’s wrong??”

After about seventeen failed attempts, going for a fish AFTER it’s mouth opened, I realized something. You have to stop first. You have to stop chasing, look ahead, and notice where on the rotation the mouth first opens. And THEN you can intentionally wait for one and grab it.

You have to stop so you can get ahead.

And as it is in life. Slowing down, reflecting, noticing, and focusing actually allows you to accomplish more. And, in the process, experience more satisfaction instead of frantic chasing.

So slow down and get focused this week. Or just play the Fishy Game, and you’ll see what I mean.

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