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Do you know your unique value? – Part2 – The ‘WHERE’

In the last post I shared a secret. But here’s the second part.

If you only pursue your passions, many of your innate needs will not be met.

You will quickly become burnt out. Ever heard an extrovert say they need non-people time to recharge? Or an introvert who’s really good speaking or performing on stage? Same idea. Our environmental needs are different from our activity preferences and loves.

Every person has an inherent set of core values – things that their ‘being’ needs. And these values are road signs pointing to the settings that will allow you to have the greatest impact in the world.

Let’s get more concrete. One person might value freedom and variety, so they probably won’t thrive and bring out their best in a cubicle setting. While another person might value predictability and reliability, so that same cubicle environment works really well for them.

Get the point?

What you do in your life and work matter. AND where you do that stuff is equally important, as it allows you to be your best. Doing AND Being.

So… think about your past experiences. What settings (areas of life, work styles, physical locations, environmental characteristics) allowed you to thrive? Where were you during some of your most memorable experiences? And what was it about that environment that brought you to life?

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