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Action Brings Clarity

Action Brings Clarity.

ABC. It’s simple but powerful. When you feel stuck, take action. When you feel unsure, take action. When you don’t quite know the plan or the goal or the direction…do something. Talk to someone. Take action.

The thing is, we often don’t know the whole picture, or exactly how it will all play out. But we often DO know the next small step. And usually, taking that step reveals the next step. And so-on.

“But I want to KNOW!…”

That’s very reasonable and normal, but if you just wait to know, then you’ll remain stuck and miss the opportunities waiting for you.

Next steps often don’t arise until you’ve taken the one right in front of you.

And the most beautiful part about this is, if you have some clarity about who you are, then you can take good next steps (without knowing the exact destination). You have a filter. A compass. And you don’t have to worry if each step is “right” or “wrong”. If it passes the filter, then it’s good enough.

Good progress is better than waiting for perfect.

And here’s the other amazing thing: taking action will also bring unexpected gifts. It probably won’t go exactly according to your plan. But taking action will typically bring pleasant surprises or opportunities you couldn’t have even planned for if you tried!

Action brings clarity. In fact, it breeds clarity. So take a baby-step forward.

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