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We're motivated to help you find meaning and purpose in the every day.

Many people are lacking fulfillment in their careers, leaving them in a place where they are considering a change.

However, making a big change is scary. Should you find something else, start your own business, or negotiate change where you currently work?

We started Greenhouse because we believe every person deserves a career that aligns with their heart and their passion.

We know how frustrating it is to feel stuck in a career that's unmotivating and unfulfilling. The last thing you want is to waste more years doing something you don't love.  

After 20+ years coaching and helping over ten thousand people through career transitions, we know what it takes to help you gain the confidence you need to make big career and life decisions.

Meet Our Team
Steve Perkins
CEO & Founder, Greenhouse

How we help

We offer:
  • Membership Network & Courses
    This is a go at your own pace set of online courses combined with coaching calls and a membership community. This gives you the tools needed to discover your career path, grow in your leadership, or even start and grow your own business.  
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  • One-on-one Coaching for Individuals
    Many people are looking for an outside voice to help sort through the clutter, get unstuck, and figure out clear next steps. Coaching is designed for just that. We offer an intensive 2-day package or a 6-month package.
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  • Corporate Team Development
    Teams lose effectiveness when individuals are unable to perform in their personal sweetspot. Our workshops, training, and coaching are designed to get everyone on the same page and moving toward a common objective, all while valuing the strengths of each team member.
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“What Greenhouse offers you is critical to making a bigger and more meaningful impact. You need to understand your vision and direction to be your most effective self.”
Bryan Miles
CEO & Co-Founder, BELAY

Our dedicated team.

Steve Perkins

Founder & Coach

The Greenhouse Steve Perkins is building is not what you might think. Life absolutely thrives within it—but instead of plant life, he’s focused Greenhouse’s proprietary methods on enabling people to thrive.

Jacquelyn Duggan

Experience Manager

Jacquelyn is at the center of all things Greenhouse, helping create memorable customer experiences, communication, and coaching.

Sundie Marquardt

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

Sundie is an expert who has coached over ten thousand people, spoken on countless stages, and trained groups on communication, career growth, leadership development, parenting, and company culture.

Tommy Thompson

Author, Coach & Podcast Host

Tommy is an author, coach, and thought leader. He contributes to the Greenhouse Podcast and provides content and coaching for our clients. His additional resources are found at his own company linked here.

Tyler Herrinton

Media Director

Tyler is the co-owner of The Herrintons. He does all things visual and technical for Greenhouse, producing videos, media, and anything else that propels people forward in the Greenhouse Method.

Genevieve Embler

Brand Strategist

Genevieve is the owner of Corling & Co. She produces the brand experience for Greenhouse and directs all touch points of our message, creating memorable customer engagements.

Matt Carroll

Website & Storytelling

Matt is the owner of Big Big Story. He is at the center of anything with words, from our website, to emails, blogs, and tools created for our tribe. He also helps with workshop facilitation for our corporate clients.