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A small team with impressive cred.

Greenhouse is a committed group of leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs who are devoted to using the Greenhouse Method to help you unlock the potential in your life, your career, or your company by clarifying your purpose and creating the conditions for growth.

Why the name Greenhouse?

I often get the question, “What’s the meaning of the name ‘Greenhouse’?” It’s one of my favorite questions to answer, because the meaning is very rich to me. 

As a company, we’re on a mission to help people grow. To clarify who they are, what they want, and to take steps toward a life of greater fulfillment and impact in the everyday. 

And at its core, the name ‘Greenhouse’ speaks to our process for doing that. You see, greenhouses--the regular kind--they don’t grow plants. The plants flourish all on their own simply because the greenhouse has provided the right environment for the plant to thrive. The seeds already possess all the knowledge and potential they need to grow up into what they are supposed to be. It’s the right conditions that draw the seeds up and out of the ground and into a thriving plant.

You see, many people feel stuck in their life and career, not sure what’s next. They know there’s more they’re capable of, and a greater contribution to make. But it’s unclear what they’re good at, what they enjoy, or what they should do. And they don’t know where to turn or what they might need to ultimately draw it out of them and find their way forward. 

I’ve been there as well, and I couldn’t find a place to go for help. So I created GREENHOUSE to be the go-to place for helping people and organizations clarify their purpose and live into their potential.

Everyone has unique gifts and abilities hardwired into who they are. But for various reasons, they’re living life at a fraction of who they could be. Our method helps you unlock the potential in your life, your career, or your company by clarifying your purpose and creating the right conditions in your life to allow for unlimited growth.

Steve Perkins
CEO & Founder, Greenhouse
Meet Our Team
Leadership Team

Meet our dedicated team.

Steve Perkins

Founder & Coach

The Greenhouse Steve Perkins is building is not what you might think. Life absolutely thrives within it—but instead of plant life, he’s focused Greenhouse’s proprietary methods on enabling people to thrive.

Jacquelyn Duggan

Experience Manager

Jacquelyn is at the center of all things Greenhouse, helping create memorable customer experiences, communication, and coaching.

Sundie Marquardt

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

Sundie is an expert who has coached over ten thousand people, spoken on countless stages, and trained groups on communication, career growth, leadership development, parenting, and company culture.

Tommy Thompson

Author, Coach & Podcast Host

Tommy is an author, coach, and thought leader. He contributes to the Greenhouse Podcast and provides content and coaching for our clients. His additional resources are found at his own company linked here.

Tyler Herrinton

Media Director

Tyler is the co-owner of The Herrintons. He does all things visual and technical for Greenhouse, producing videos, media, and anything else that propels people forward in the Greenhouse Method.

Genevieve Embler

Brand Strategist

Genevieve is the owner of Corling & Co. She produces the brand experience for Greenhouse and directs all touch points of our message, creating memorable customer engagements.

Matt Carroll

Website & Storytelling

Matt is the owner of Big Big Story. He is at the center of anything with words, from our website, to emails, blogs, and tools created for our tribe. He also helps with workshop facilitation for our corporate clients.