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Dreaming60 Stage 3

Dreaming60 Stage 3…and more! 🎉 🙌 🥳 Congrats 🥳 🙌 🎉 You’ve made it to the 3rd & final video in your Dreaming60 Workshop! Take a few minutes to watch the final video & them come back and finish reading about what comes next! “Developing Your Whole Life Map” is officially open for enrollment…just for …

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Dreaming60 Stage 2

Dreaming60 Stage 2 How to Make Your Dreams a Reality So you’ve taken the time to write up your dreams. Hopefully while you were filling out the form you experienced an incredible sense of hope and excitement welling up inside, loving the ideas of your deepest desires and dreams. HOWEVER this is just the first …

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Dreaming60 Stage 1

Dreaming60 stage 1 Develop a Proper Vision for your Future It’s been said that if you do not know where you are going, you will likely get there… Just in case you missed that… read the sentence above a little bit slower. Today’s first video is all about helping to make sure you actually get …

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Welcome to Dreaming60

Congrats for signing up for the Dreaming60 Workshop! If you are anything like most people we work with, you’ve probably been feeling a little bit stuck. …you know there’s more but not sure how to tap into it …or maybe you’re overwhelmed with demands and prioritizing seems impossible. …or maybe you’re just getting by instead …

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