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Whether you’re seeking clarity, making a big change, or growing into more of your gifts and abilities, everyone needs to know who’s ‘on their team’. Our private community is exactly that, and people like you are joining every day.

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Our Purpose Is To Help You
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Do any of these questions sound familiar?

• You feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your career, and you want more from your work and life. 
• You know you need a change, but don’t know what you’re good at, where to start, or even how to approach getting started?
• You still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up?
• You aren't even sure what you would if you could changes things?
• You're tired of hearing “Follow your passion!”, “Find your dream job!”, “Focus on your strengths!”, “Chase your dreams!”... because you don’t even know what your unique abilities are!

In fact, that’s the whole problem in the first place! If you knew what you’re meant to do, you’d do it! Or if you knew how to get there, it would’ve happened by now.

We’ve been there too. It was from those same questions that Greenhouse was built, because we believe every person deserves a career aligned with their purpose. We believe more is possible for your life than you think.

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck in a career that's unmotivating and unfulfilling, wasting years doing something you don't love. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

We know what it takes to gain the clarity and confidence to make career and life decisions, even if you’ve already done lots of thinking and reading and listening about it all. Our unique process moves you into a place where your weekly rhythms and daily habits are aligned with your bigger goals and vision. That way, you not only know your purpose, but you begin living it out every day and growing in your leadership, productivity, and ability to make a meaningful impact in other people’s lives.
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Tired of the gimmicks? You need a genuine community where you can be honest and real.

“I’ve sought out coaching and have been participating in Greenhouse precisely because aligning my actions and decisions with my gifts makes the direction I’m traveling in powerful and effective. For me.”
Peter K
“I found a community of people seeking personal and professional development that allowed me to feel less alone in my own struggles. It was comforting to hear others’ stories and know that I wasn’t alone..."
Susan M.
“With [their] support, I have found my first step to paving my way to a new career. [I went] from administrative work to behavioral management in just 5 months. If you are looking for a supportive team to help you discover your potential whether it be professionally or personal, the Greenhouse team is perfect for you."
Leah Anne P.
“Joining the Greenhouse community was a game changer during my job search … I could not have landed my dream job without them!”
Paula P.
“I found the cohort that I was a part of to be an encouragement during my unemployment... Greenhouse provided a focused version of that with intentional, well-structured information and self-reflection...Thanks for your work, and support during my transition!"
Hatch R.
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When you join the Greenhouse Community you get access to:

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    Connect with others who are in a similar space as you! What better way to not feel alone than to get to know poeple who get it.
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    Check out and sign up for our step-by-step video courses designed to help you actually make progress towards your ideal job or business.
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    Work with some of the best and most authentic coaches around in 1-on-1 and group settings.
  • Membership
    Join our monthly membership to make sure you successfully launch into your dream career, grow into your role, achieve goals, and continually develop your productivity, leadership, and habits. Greenhouse members receive our custom planner, growth roadmap, daily encouragement, weekly challenges, and live Q&A calls about topics like communication, time management, and confidence.
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Our courses are designed to help you discover your purpose, improve your
goal-setting & productivity game,
land your dream job, or even start
your own business.
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Level-up and reach your goals with the help of personal coaching tailored for you and guaranteed to move you forward. Great for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and people in transition.
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Take people-development off your plate, and bring out the best in your team and company culture with our unique approach of workshop experiences and 1:1 coaching to solve your organizational problems.
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At Greenhouse, we believe every person is at their best when they are using their unique abilities.