Get unstuck.

Discover your path.

Start taking clear next steps.​

Life Map is a digital course to organize your business and life, so there's less chaos and more clarity.

More than inspiration that leaves you still feeling stuck.

Developing Your Life Map course gives you:

Guided step-by-step process

7 video lessons with digital worksheets to clarify your vision, goals, and systems to make success automatic.

Personalized feedback and coaching

Access to decades of combined business leadership & executive coaching experience to help you translate insight into customized practical action.

Community of growth-minded people

Private group and Q&As with us, other entrepreneurs, and intentionality seekers who are building the life they want and the impact they’re meant to make.

Stop drifting and start deciding.

Stuck and unsure what to do next?

Just getting by instead of building toward a better future?

Drowning in workload and need to get organized to make more money?

Not sure your unique value and purpose?

Overwhelmed and prioritizing seems impossible?

Feeling behind and reactionary, instead of confident in your direction?

What to expect:


Where you're headed.

We begin with the end in mind. So first, we clarify where you’re headed in the long-term.


How to get there.

We set your key goals and rhythms so the things you do today will actually get you where you want to be tomorrow.


Staying on track.

We help you leverage your personality and existing habits, to ensure progress continues after the initial excitement wears off.

When your vision is clear, you know what to do next.

“What Greenhouse offers you is critical to making a bigger and more meaningful impact. You need to understand your vision and direction to be your most effective self.”

Bryan Miles
CEO & Co-Founder, BELAY

“Cannot speak highly enough of the coaching process with the Greenhouse team. I thought I needed therapy to help me figure out what was wrong with me, but it turned out I just needed coaching to help me live into what was waiting for if I lived into my potential.”

Genevieve Embler
Principle, Corling & Co.

“Thank you! Working in a fast paced, changing organization can make it difficult to focus. Through the work with you, we built clarity in our team’s purpose and a framework our team can use to focus on our top priorities.”

Matt Vischulis,
Managing VP, Capital One

“It gave me a safe place to explore & nurture my craziest thoughts and passions, ability to believe in the unbelievable, knowing I’m not alone. Allow you to be you, explore YOU, and actually be excited to draw YOU out!”

Margaret Ding
Data Analyst & Experience Strategist

“This is the first time in a long time that I’m defining what I’m good at! I want to take what happened to me and help others with that.”

Bob Hilb
Founder, Hilb & Partners

“I loved how the modules were simple and engaging! And the course gave me a way to make daily decisions and actually live in alignment with my values.”  

Sundie Marquardt
Life & Career Coach

Meet Your Coaches

Steve circle2

Meet Steve

I’m Steve Perkins, founder of Greenhouse Culture. I know how frustrating it can be to live life feeling like you have more to offer. Oftentimes, even those who’ve experienced success feel discouraged because of their lack of clarity and fulfillment. It can be frustrating feeling like there are new levels of growth and impact to reach with no idea what to do next. You’ve tried to figure it out but feel stuck on what will bring lasting change to your life and career.

Thankfully you don’t have to live life feeling like you are going through the motions. I started Greenhouse Culture to help create a greenhouse for people’s growth and potential. Having worked in a Fortune 500 company helping improve teams and leadership, as well as years coaching individuals and leaders, I know what it takes to help people get unstuck and reach new levels of growth and fulfillment. And I’m known for always inspiring people to think bigger, while also creating realistic practical next steps to get there.

Tommy Thompson

Meet Tommy

As a constant student of life, leadership, and growth, Tommy brings decades of practical wisdom in his teaching. He has been in multiple C-level roles in the businesses he has co-owned, as well as a go-to teacher and mentor in spiritual and athletic settings.

Throughout all of our offerings, our approach is unique. And it’s kind of like a greenhouse for your dreams and abilities. You see, greenhouses don’t grow plants. They create environments where the plants naturally grow and thrive. And it’s the same in our lives and organizations if we want to grow and thrive. Focus on creating a rich environment – a culture that maximizes what’s possible in people – and the growth will happen all on its own.

Life is too short to stay stuck. 
It’s meant to be fully lived.

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